How to Find the Best Eye Cream

The eyes are the windows to the soul, not to mention that these are often the first facial feature that others see. Thus, looking for the best eye cream can be considered a universal quest by men and women alike who are concerned about saggy, baggy and wrinkly eyes as well as dark circles under the eyes. The big question then is: How do you find the best anti-aging eye cream that fights all of these skin issues?

Determine Your Eye Needs

Not all eye creams are created equal to the task of addressing specific skin problems. So you must identify the exact skin problem that you want to find a solution for. Beauty experts agree on three general categories of eye creams. Each one is formulated to target specific problem areas and, thus, represents the best eye cream for that purpose. These categories are:

  • Day Creams – These are usually used in lessening the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and of reducing the eyes’ puffy appearance. The most common ingredients for day creams are caffeine, chamomile, cucumber and arnica. Obviously, these are formulated to help the skin around the eyes look better in the morning.
  • Night Creams – These are used to help with skin repair while also preventing skin damage at night. In short, a night cream is equivalent to an eye wrinkle cream. The most common ingredients in these eye creams are alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and retinol, both of which have lesser efficacy when exposed to sunlight, thus, their use in night creams.
  • General Eye Creams – These provide for extra moisture especially during the day. Many experts, however, contend that these are unnecessary since their formulations are similar to facial moisturizers.

Your best eye cream then should depend on your specific skin problem. And it may be best to use one of each type – day and night – to provide the best protection for your skin around the eyes.

Determine the Safety and Efficacy of Ingredients

When you have several day and/or night eye creams to choose from, your next step is to determine the safety and efficacy of each one. You must look at the ingredients label, read the reviews on the products, and brush up on the precautions related to their use. Keep in mind that the best eye cream is only as good as its ingredients.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing an eye wrinkle cream and/or an eye de-puffing cream:

  • Avoid eye creams that contain alcohol and other irritating ingredients. The eye area is one of the most delicate areas of the skin so exposing it to any kind of irritant will worsen its problems.
  • Look for gentle but moisturizing ingredients instead. Aside from the abovementioned ingredients, glycerin, hyaluronic acid and propylene glycol are also recommended. Antioxidants are added ingredients that nourish the skin, thus, lessening the damage wrought on it by the sun and other aging factors.
  • Look for sun protection factor (SPF) in the eye cream preferably a broad-spectrum one. This can be difficult because many eye creams have no SPF, thus, lessening their efficacy. The sun is one of the main causes of skin damage that results in wrinkles.

Indeed, the best eye cream need not necessarily be expensive although it must be said that being an extreme cheapskate in your beauty products is not advisable either. The most important thing is choosing an eye cream that will work best on your skin, and that can sometimes take some trial and error, but the result will be well worth it.

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