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lifecell review

Main selling point: Lifecell claims to make fine lines and wrinkles virtually invisible within just 17 seconds of application. Read “younger looking skin in just 17 seconds“.

Why we chose to review Lifecell: There’s no doubt Lifecell is one of the most famous anti-wrinkle products available online. It continues to show up on the first page of the search results for every search engine when searching for wrinkle cream. But is all the buzz and hype about LifeCell really justified? What does this anti-wrinkle cream actually do for our skin? What are real users saying about this product? Does it work as promised for everyone who uses it? Is the price really reasonable? We answer all these questions and more in this Lifecell review.

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So why all the hype about LifeCell?

Lifecell is one of best-known anti-aging products online. One of the reasons it has become so famous is because it is publicly endorsed by many celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Felicity Huffman, Melora Hardin, and several others. This celebrity buzz inspired us to write this Lifecell review. Read the list of Hollywood celeb fans of Lifecell and their testimonials.

“I’ve used LifeCell for nearly 7 weeks now. I have seen significant improvements in the sagging skin and wrinkles under and around my eyes (that was a huge issue for me).” ~ Margaret B.

Past record in Hollywood gossip on a 7 News Boston segment, Lifecell was said to have “wiped away wrinkles”. High profile exposure like this set the footing for LifeCell to become popular even before the product was launched on the market. Lifecell was formally one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets for many famous artists and celebrities, who would apply the product before putting on their foundation and makeup. LifeCell claims to contain a precursor to a Nobel Prize-winning molecule that performs literal miracles on the skin. The product reflects light away from wrinkles which tricks our eyes into not seeing the shadows caused by wrinkles and fine lines, essentially making wrinkles disappear. It has been said to explain how Paris Hilton looks so sharp and wrinkle free, even when exiting nightclubs in the early morning under heavy fire from paparazzi cameras.

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How does it actually perform?

lifecell review
Based on our research in preparation for this Lifecell review, it seems that Lifecell does perform very well on instant effect. However according to some Lifecell users’ experience, wrinkles do not necessarily become invisible within just 17 seconds of applying the anti-wrinkle cream. Some women didn’t notice that effect until the second application. However, 80% of users saw the result within the first 5 minutes. For those who wish to try the product for themselves, we recommend to follow the instruction on the website and take before and after photos of yourself, to compare the differences. And, if you choose to send your ‘before and after’ photos to LifeCell, you will get paid $1500.00 cash if they use your case testimonial. Most users saw the difference instantly, which when compared to other anti-wrinkle products, that is a very positive and unusual result. Especially when compared to products like Kollagen Intensiv, which is known to take time to restore your skin’s natural collagen production, before you will see notable results.

“I absolutely love this product! I’ve been asked by so many people…what are you using to make your skin so radiant?” ~ Van G.

Additionally, Lifecell is reported to be much more than just an anti-wrinkle product. It is reported to reduce visibility of age-spots, treat dark circles and puffins under the eyes, and even to firm and plump facial skin and lips. It is claimed to be an all-in-one solution for aging skin problems. However, we found that claim to be a slight exaggeration since the product does not contain any SPF. Users of this product will need to be aware of the sun on their skin and are advised to combine a sunscreen with it if necessary.

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Is the cost justified?

Lifecell money back guarantee
One of our first observations when researching for this Lifecell review, was the seemingly high cost of Lifecell. Compared to other anti-wrinkle creams we have studied, the retail price of Lifecell is the most expensive. However it is worth noting the retail price is for a two-month supply, and that it is for an all-in-one anti-wrinkle product. That means you don’t need to spend extra money on other skincare products. You can calculate how much money you would save from other skin products such as firming gel, eye cream, age-spot reducer, make-up base, moisturizers and lip plumpers etc. All of which could be replaced by Lifecell.


We believe there is some justification for the high market price, based on common results reported by product users, some including Hollywood celebrities and super models. There’s no question that Lifecell is a comparatively expensive anti-wrinkle cream, but the evidence does suggest it brings some of the best results of all anti-aging products, and some of those results can happen in as little as 17 seconds of the first application.

Lifecell satisfaction guaranteeSince every woman is unique and special, so is our skin, we highly recommend every user should claim the free trial now while the promotion is still valid. The trial period is long enough for you to properly test this amazing anti-wrinkle product to see the results for yourself, and see if it fits you well.

We hope you have found this Lifecell review useful and helpful in making an informed purchase decision.

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