Important Reasons to Take Care of Your Skin Using a Quality Moisturizer

The biggest organ within a human body is the skin. On a typical sized adult the skin weighs roughly 6 pounds, which is about two times as heavy a normal liver or brain. This may be a shock for some people as we don’t usually think of our skin as being an organ. However, the human skin is in fact the most vital part of our bodies because it covers over 97% of our epidermis and supplies protection to all of our internal organs. Without our skin our internal organs, including our veins along with our muscle tissue and bones, would all be in direct contact with the elements, including microbes and dangerous viruses.

Your skin is in fact a living and breathing organ. The external layer of skin, often identified as the epidermis, protects two lower layers of the organ: those being the dermis, along with the subcutaneous skin layer. The epidermis also enables us to enjoy sensory feeling, and furthermore it helps us to regulate our body temperature.

Fresh new epidermis cells are constantly being produced at the lower level of your skin, and it takes on average two up to four weeks for those brand-new skin cells to advance to the outer layer. When those new skin cells reach the epidermis layer, they serve to get rid of and replace all the old dead and dying skin cells. The old body cells are very robust and can effectively defend one’s outer body from natural elements. As time passes these cells too age and eventually slough off to be replaced by newer ones. Every single day people lose 25,000 to 45,000 old skin cells. And in this way our skin automatically restores itself again and again.

The subsequent layer beneath the outer skin surface is called the dermis. This layer is where your sensors/nerve-endings are found. This area of the skin also contains blood vessels, elastin, collagen, your sebaceous glands, roots and follicles of hairs, as well as the oil glands. These oil glands are also referred to as sebaceous glands. Their main job is to create sebum which is our skin’s built-in natural lubricant. As the sebum rises to the top layer, the epidermis, it is there that it assists shielding and lubricating the outer skin for our protection.

The next layer under the surface is named the dermis. That is where our sensors endings are housed. This section of the skin additionally holds blood vessels, elastin, collagen, our sebaceous glands, hair roots, along with oil glands. The oil glands are also called sebaceous glands. Their main function is to make sebum. This is our skin’s built-in oil. As the sebum rises to the surface, it is there where it helps shield and lubricate the outer skin.

Harmful bacteria, dirt and microorganisms are often found under our dead skin cells and a neglected skin is an invitation to all kinds of problems. Good daily skincare and cleaning your skin with clean warm water and a gentle soap helps prevent bacterial infections and other skin conditions. There is a natural balance that must be kept in order for skin to stay young and healthy. The cleaning agents we use on our skin are often damaging, combined with harsh environmental elements, such as the sun, or extreme cold temperatures and winds, work to dry your skin because your body isn’t able to retain moisture in the surface layer. Also, not many of us drink enough water each day, making it impossible for our skin to maintain our core hydration. The skin works to hold moisture within the body and as the skin breaks down due to the elements and harsh cleansers, so does our ability to properly retain essential fluids.

For these reasons it is extremely important to use a quality skin lotion can help maintain moisture balance. Many people opt for environmentally friendly emollients like Shea Butter, and some do report positive results and increased moisture retention. The Shea Butter Institute claims that natural moisturizers in Shea Butter are identical to those produced in human oil glands (sebaceous glands) of the skin. And being naturally rich in vitamins A & E, Shea Butter is well known to be one of the better natural skin moisturizers.

It is important to be aware that a lot of the moisturizing products available today contain petroleum and other chemicals, and the long term effect on skin is not yet fully known. It is worthwhile being aware, for example, that Propylene glycol is a compound often found in paint and antifreeze. Numerous beauty professionals promote the use of water-based products containing Shea Butter. Sadly, many moisturizing products available on the market today are a combination of several other damaging chemicals including alcohol and which can drain the skin’s natural emollient and the benefits from the included Shea Butter, defeating the purpose for using an organic moisturizer. However, many men and women are now insisting on natural, organic products. There are several creams nowadays that have addressed this need and provide benefits to the skin that are simply incontestable. So remember, your skin is your biggest organ, so take proper care of it!

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